10 Highest Paid Comedians 2016

Comedy is not an a piece of cake for everyone and those who do it are really blessed with superior powers to make people laugh. Here is a list of the Highest Paid Comedians in 2016. The list reflects the stats provided by Forbes and data from IMDB, Nielson and other sources. The combined earnings of the 10 Highest Paid Comedians in 2015 was estimated be to $166.5 Million.

The list of Highest Paid Comedians includes comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and John Bishop among other famous comedians. These comedians have had a lot of money coming in from their tours, tickets, shows and movies.

Highest Paid Comedians 2016


Dave Chappelle

$7.5 Million

Dave Chappel has made it to the top 10 Highest Paid Comedians this year all thanks to his tour after a very long time. He is also signed up for a role in the upcoming movie ‘Chiraq’.

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