10 Highest Paid Djs 2016

These Highest Paid Djs of 2016 make unbelievable sum of money per year. Disc Jockeys have reinvented music such that they are now ruling the music industry. Forbes magazine also issued a list of the Electronic Cash Kings and it is these DJs who have brought electronic music genre to such popularity. and their hard work has rewarded them with being the richest and the Highest Paid Djs. Their music is listened all around and they hosts shows throughout the year around the world. Here is a list of the Highest Paid Djs of 2016 based on their earnings per year.

The Highest Paid Djs 2016



$16 Million/ year

The Dutch Dj has evolved ever since 2007 and falls on number 10 among the Highest Paid Djs of this year. He managed to earn $16 Million last year.



$17 million/ year

The German-Russian Dj has worked in the Electro House genre since 2002 and today he is not only one of the Highest Paid Djs in the world but also is the youngest Dj and the one most respected.

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