5 Richest Boxing Promoters 2016

Boxing is not a sport for Boxers alone. As much as boxing has given fortunes to the boxers, it has done equally the same for its promoters too. The list includes 5 Richest Boxing Promoters in the world according to the latest statistics. Displaying the finest forms of strength, danger, vivacity and tradition, boxing is not only celebrated as a sport but also is considered to be the sport for the betting. The money generated comes from various directions and sources. Not only has boxing given birth to some of the Highest Paid Athletes, Richest Boxers but also the Richest Boxing Promoters as well.

5 Richest Boxing Promoters 2016


Al Haymon

Net Worth $15 Million

Starting off with his career in Television and Music, he later decided to become a boxing promoter instead in 2000. Al Haymon has had the chance to promote boxers like Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Vernon forest. He is the 5th Richest Boxing Promoter in the world according to the latest stats.

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