6 Richest YouTubers 2016

Here is a list of the 6 Richest YouTubers in 2016. YouTube is a very vast platform and some very talented people have started their own channels. Their videos get millions of views and have a huge fan following. These Richest YouTubers have showcased their talents and delivered knowledge in different fields of interest. These people are self made million and thanks to YouTube’s revenue sharing program, The channel itself has become more than just a steaming source for music and movies.

The Richest YouTubers 2016


Lindsey Stirling

$6 Million/year

Net Worth $6 Million

This pretty looking girl is extremely talented when it comes to playing violin. She is the 6th Richest YouTuber. Her creations got so viral where she shot videos in rare locations, dancing on her compositions. She has redefined violin by combining it with dubstep genre. She has 7 millions subscribers on her YouTube channel. She also made it Forbes highest earning YouTube stars.

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