8 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities 2016

Death is definitely not the end for these celebrities who still continue to make huge bucks even after their death. According to Forbes, the combined earning of the Highest Earning Dead Celebrities is $363.5 Million in a span of one year. These Highest Earning Dead Celebrities have not only done a great job for themselves in terms of finance and afterlife fortune, they have also left a mark on our hearts with their incredible and unforgettable work. The list of 8 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities includes names of some legends like the king of pop Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, Robin Williams will not be in the list of Highest Earning Dead Celebrities in the years to come due to his licensing prevention clause in his will.

8 Highest Earning Dead Celebrities 2016


Albert Einstein

$11 Million

Hebrew University of Jerusalem owns the rights to Albert Einstein’s estate which managed to earn $11 million last year from different sales of merchandise.


John Lennon

$12 Million

The face Beatles managed to make $12 Million during last year from his music sales. He is the 7th Highest Earning Dead Celebrity of 2016.

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