Dan Bilzerian Net Worth 2016

Dan Bilzerian

Net Worth $150 Million zXycT5FL


Age: 35

Date of Birth: December 7, 1980

Born: Tampa, Florida, United States

Occupation: Poker Player, Social Personality, Actor, Venture Capitalist

Education: University of Florida

About Dan BilzerianĀ 

The American venture capitalist is also a famous social media personality and a potential poker player who has managed to make millions from what he does best. His estimated net worth is $150 Million. He is known as an international playboy all around the world because of his carefree nature and luxurious lifestyle.

He is also well known in the game of poker. he managed to win many poker competitions while one earned him $10,800,000 in 2013. He plays poker in private poker games with millionaires. Dan also plays high on life and one of the other things he is good at is gambling. He is not scared of swimming across a lake of alligators or jumping from 90 feet high cliff.

Dan has also made appearances in films including Lone Survivor. The Equalizer and The Other Woman.

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