Highest Earning Musicians 2016

Music is not just a studio affair. You have to make appearances and go on tours and that is what determines if you are a successful musician. This year’s list of Highest Earning Musicians is based not on record selling but on income generated from tours. Surprisingly, despite of Adele’s record breaking track released, she did not make it to the Highest Earning Musicians of this year. However, there are some names included which are a surprise for all us.


This list is based on stats obtained from Forbes and Billboard, both have released their list of the Highest Earning Musicians in the last 12 months. The list determines the income of these Highest Earning Musicians before taxes.

Highest Earning Musicians 2016


Justin Timberlake

Total Earning: $63.5 million

The American musician has earned million from his 59 tour dates during the last year. His earnings were also contributed by endorsements of brands like Sony, Sauza tequila and Bud Light.


Calvin Harris

Total Earning: $66 million

The Scottish DJ and remixer and record producer earned not only from the six figure fees but also from endorsements of brands like Giorgio Armani. He is also the highest paid electronic dance music producer in the world.

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