Richest Female Rappers 2016

Ever wondered about how the much the rappers earn? When we think about richest rappers, names like Dr. Dre,  Sean Combs and Jay Z hit out minds. But what about the Richest Female Rappers? Here is the list of the highest paid and the Richest Female Rappers of 2016. Although, none of them have managed to yet reach close to Sean Combs or Dr, Dre who are currently the richest male rappers we have. These women have topped among the female rappers and are worth an applause for their talents and determination.

Richest Female Rappers 2016


5. Sandra Denton

$15 Million

She is recognized by her stage name ‘Pepa’; the Jamaican born American rapper performs in the group Salt n Pepa. She is the richest among the three group members, other two being Deidra and Cheryl, thus placed on number 5 among the Richest Female Rappers.


4. Lil’ Kim

$18 Million

The American rapper, song writer, model, actress and record producer, Kimberly Denise Jones, is the fourth Richest Female Rapper. She is known by her stage name Lil’ Kim, performing since 1994 with millions of albums sold until now.


3. Missy Elliott

$50 Million

Melissa Arnette Elliott, known as Missy Elliot, is the American Rap Queen, record producer and dancer. She appeared in superbowl’s halftime show last year performing with Katy Perry. She is also Marc Jacob’s new model for his upcoming fall campaign.


2. Queen Latifah

$60 Million

On number two, is the first female rapper nominated for an Oscar. She is a truly talented woman; a model, actress, comedian and also seen as talk show host. Latifah has won a Golden Globe, 2 Emmy Awards and a Grammy Award.

Nicki Minaj Wallpaper @

1. Nicki Minaj

$70 Million

On number one among the Richest Female Rappers is the Trinidadian-born American rapper who achieved much in very less time. First appearing in 2007 and releasing her first album in 2010, she has not only topped US Billboard but has also been announced as the “the most influential female rapper of all time”.

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