Richest Female Singers 2016

The list of Richest Female Singers of 2016 is out and quite surprisingly it includes some unexpected faces from the music industry. These Richest Female Singers will amaze you in terms of the wealth they have gathered through their career in Music. The fame game has surely given a lot to these Richest Female Singers but all that they have been able to achieve was not an easy game. This year, we have encountered some of the most amazing records that have been produced which includes the powerful voice of Adele that absolutely went viral within minutes after the release.

All the hardwork that these women had to put in have made the Richest Female Singers today. The list of the Richest Female Singers 2016 is based on the Net worth of these queens of music industry.

Richest Female Singers 2016



Dolly Parton

Net Worth $450 million

Dolly is one woman in the music industry who truly outshone with her extreme hard work and commitment to country music. She began from scratch, writing her own songs and ended up winning 8 Grammy Awards and sold 100 million records. Her wealth comes in not only from her music career. She owns a theme park called Dollywood, invested in clothing line, books and films.

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