The 5 Richest African Americans 2016

Here the 5 Richest African Americans of 2016 who have not only gained a reputable position in the society but have also managed to make a lavish living. The Richest African Americans have conquered every field that they have stepped into. Be it Sports, Music industry, Business or Entertainment, they have proved themselves as motivated innovators and leaders.

Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan and Dr. Dre are among the Richest African Americans, their success stories contributing to the American society and gaining fan following all around the world.

The Richest African Americans 2016


Tiger Woods

Net Worth: $600 Million

The most famous one of the richest golfers is among the list of the Richest African Americans 2016. He started his career in 1996 and ever since he has made a lot of wealth through deals and endorsements among which is the famous brand Nike. It was estimated that he made $80 million through these endorsements, deal and his winnings.



Net Worth: $700 Million

Next up is Sean Diddy who is known as a successful Rapper, record producer and actor. He has very well scored many business opportunities to multiply his wealth, one of them being the 50 percent shareholder of Ciroc Vodka and huge stake at Revolt TV.

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