The Most Exclusive Clubs in the World

When you are rich, you get to spend money on some of the most luxurious things that normal people can not afford like these Most Exclusive Clubs in the world. These clubs offer all the life’s luxuries and that too in a most private manner. However, it is not an easy task to become a member of these Most Exclusives Clubs of the world unless you are ready to pay huge amount of annual and registration fee as well as go through interview and screening process. So lets move and see the Most Exclusive Clubs included in the list and what these have to offer.

The Most Exclusive Clubs in the World


5. The Club at The Ivy


Talking about the exclusivity of the club where the club members enter the club through the secret entrance through a flower shop. To register with the club, one has to pay $700 as joining fee and $1400 on top annually. The club is build on 3 floors and offers various services including a library, entertainment space and other services in a possibly luxurious way.

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