The Richest Boxers in the World 2016

The sport that has created many millionaires, Boxing, generates a huge amount of revenue not only for boxers but also for its promoters and sponsors. The sport is tough, dangerous and demands hard work and commitment. The ones have steadily polished their talents have managed to become The Richest Boxers in the World.

These are the Richest Boxers of 2016 including some of the biggest names in the world of boxing. These Richest Boxers have huge bank accounts, luxurious lifestyles and big fan following.

The Richest Boxers in the World 2016


Lennox Lewis

Net Worth $130 Million

The former professional boxer, who is the last undisputed heavy weight champion since Bob Fitzsimmons, is the 5th Richest Boxer in 2016. He made his debut in the boxing career in 1989, won Olympics Gold. Right at the start of his career, he was awarded the world amateur junior title at the age of 18. Since then, he has won many award titles in the world in super heavyweight championship.

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