World’s 6 Most Luxurious Private Jets

Talking about Rich Boys and their Big Toys, here we have the Most Luxurious Private Jets in the world which only people who belong to the billionaire club can afford. Private Jets is the most luxurious way one can think of traveling and it comes with a cost. These Most Luxurious Private Jets are a way to get their owners to a place faster and to land like star. Five star hotel services, expensive interiors and customization and amazing amenities are enclosed into these world’s Most Luxurious Private Jets.

World’s 6 Most Luxurious Private Jets



6. Boeing 767 33A

$120-170 million

After spending fortunes on Football Clubs, Yachts and other expensive things, the Russian Businessman, Roman Abramovich also bought a Boeing 767  33A for $83.6 million and turned the might plane into his private jet with a master bedroom, dining room for 30 people, living rooms, luxurious bathrooms and the most spectacular interior. He also made his jet a safest ride with modern security system and anti missile system. The plane is called as The Bandit.

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