World’s Most Expensive Houses

There are many beautiful houses in the world which are one of their kind. These houses contain the most luxurious facilities in them. Be ready to know about the priciest Houses in the world. World’s Most Expensive Houses are owned by the worlds richest people which include many billionaires , Presidents and Kings of several Countries etc. The houses you are about to see are rather Palaces or castles. A normal person can only dream of living in such houses.

#6. Palace of Versailles ($159 Million)

World's Most Expensive Houses
World’s Most Expensive Houses

This beautiful House is the Most expensive house in Whole America. It has 6 waterfalls for beautification purposes.A 30-car garage is also present for the precious cars of the billionaire. Two new Guest houses are still under construction.The price of this house is 159 Million Dollars. It would be the most expensive sale in the U.S ever. The house is now in the custody of the Federal Government & housing department.

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