World’s Most Powerful Women 2016

Here is the countdown to the World’s Most Powerful Women in the year, 2016. With time, women have been seen progressing in every field and some have outgrown to be the most influential and the Most Powerful Women around the world.

The list of World’s Most Powerful Women 2016 includes strong, smart and tough women who are making a remarkable effort to build billion worth brands. This list is made combining four of the factors including money and net worth, media presence, influence and impact withing their fields and outside. These World’s Most Powerful Women are business women, traders, entrepreneurs, investors and CEOs.

World’s Most Powerful Women 2016

Banco Santander's new chairwoman Ana Patricia Botin attends the 2014 extraordinary general shareholders' meeting in the northern Spanish city of Santander on September 15, 2014. Ana Patricia Botin on September 10 was named the new chairman of Spanish bank Santander, replacing her father who died suddenly of a heart attack after nearly 30 years at its helm. Emilio Botin, a controversial figure who had steered the eurozone's biggest bank by capitalisation through Spain's financial crisis, died overnight aged 79, the bank said in a statement. AFP PHOTO / CESAR MANSO

10. Ana Patrica Botin

Chair, Banco Santander, Spain

Ana Patricia Botín-Sanz de Sautuola O’Shea, the 10th Most Powerful Woman in the world was the first woman to lead Banco Santander, Spain’s largest bank. She was appointed the executive chairman Santander Group in September, 2014.


9. Meg Whitman


Meg Whitman is the CEO of HP and the President and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a successful corporate executive with a net worth of 2.1 billion USD as of 2015. She is also emerging as the GOP’s most effective anti Trump voice.

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